Technology and Communications Working Group


Establish a Technology and Communications Working Group with a remit to review how the Church uses technology and communication methods to enhance services and to connect with the wider community.  This should include examination of the use of visual display screens in the sanctuary, roving microphones to assist hearing of contributions during the service, as well as installing a video/display screen in the Crush Hall and external visual presentation or projections outside at the front of the church.  Connection with the wider community should include consideration of the effective use of social media, the website and publication of a regular newsletter.  The group should also consider the engagement of a digital manager (possibly in conjunction with other Corstorphine churches).

Talk about why this is an expression of what you believe? Why does this “fit” the time and place in which you work?

We believe that the Word of God should be shared.  This should be done in an effective and engaging way to encourage people to visit and return to join in fellowship and be enthusiastic in sharing their experience with others.  The Church makes very little use of modern technology in services or in connecting with the wider community.  The World has moved on rapidly in this respect, and to connect with younger members of the community in particular it is important to connect with them in the way that they connect with others in their normal daily lives, and to interest and engage them in attending worship.  

How will you do this? How will you make a start?

We will start this by identifying members of the congregation who have a knowledge or interest in the use of technology as a communication medium and who have some project management skills or experience.  This should be a group of not less than 4 persons, including at least one elder who will report to the Deacons’ Court and Kirk Session as required.  This group will want to work with the relevant committees of the church (e.g. Fabric), and other relevant working groups e.g. the Accessibility Working Group, and the Worship Working Group.

Talk about the people, training, resources, space and help that will be required.

The group will require relevant experience or interest and will require to consult with others, including Alpha Sunday School, who may be a valuable source of ideas in relation to social media use in particular.  They will also need to explore the use of social media by other religious organisations and identify positive and realistic approaches that may be used by the Church.  The group will need to connect with other churches who use relevant technology and potential suppliers or consultants to understand the kind of technology that may be used, how effective that is in enhancing services and engagement and whether it might be used effectively at the Church.  A digital manager may require to be engaged to support this group, in particular, with regard to the effective use of technology and social media.


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