Worship Working Group


Establish a Worship Working Group to examine whether there is a need for an additional, regular worship service or worship experience (for example: Messy Church, Sweaty Church, or Forest Church) that might, amongst other things: reflect a different style of worship (including musical style); and/or be targeted at a specific demographic; and/or be held at a different time to the current regular weekly worship.  Report to the Kirk Session on the need for such a service or worship experience and the feasibility of holding one, with recommendations for implementation.

Talk about why this is an expression of what you believe? Why does this “fit” the time and place in which you work?

St. Ninian’s has one regular, weekly worship service.  Although this service is well attended by people of all ages, it is traditional and is experiencing a decline in numbers, particularly amongst younger people.  While acknowledging that the content of worship is the responsibility of the minister, it might be that offering an additional service or worship experience at a different time, or targeting a specific demographic, or of a different style, in addition to what is currently offered might prove attractive to people who aren’t able to worship on a Sunday morning, find the current style not to their taste, or isn’t attended by people like them.

How will you do this? How will you make a start?

The Kirk Session should agree the remit and membership of the working group, and establish that group.  The working group might then consider it helpful to consult widely with other churches, visit other services and worship experiences held by other congregations, and take advice from people and organisations that specialise in developing such services and experiences.

Talk about the people, training, resources, space that will be required – and what help you will require.

The working group will probably need to include the minister.  Amongst other things, it will need to review what is currently on offer in Corstorphine so as not to recommend a service that unhelpfully duplicates a service held elsewhere.  It will need to consult with congregations and others over what kind of service works well.


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